The t-shirt is one custom that is widely preferred by both men and women due to the comfortability and the different types in which they are available. Though the T-Shirts were variant of shirts, predominantly worn by men, it soon became a unisex dress code. It was the fashion trend when it was released for the first time in the early 1920s. Though it is as old as that, it is one trend that didn’t die. Instead, the fashion sense in T-Shirts is growing every single day making us drop our jaws in awe. So here we will talk about the advanced graphics designing trend that persists in the making of T-Shirts.

Facts About Advanced Graphics T-Shirt Design

Advanced Graphics T-Shirt Prints and Designs:

Since we stated that the launch of Advanced Graphics T-shirt Designs happened as early as in the 1920s when we say the word advanced you might ask me if graphics is a recent trend in a world of T-shirts. Of course, the T-shirts with graphical prints on them are trending in the market. But the thing is that people have never been able to stop this trend since the 1940s.

Yes, to our greatest surprise, the idea of the printed T-shirt was first witnessed in the 1940s. Thereby graphics on T-shirts are also an old concept. It is just that they are trending even today. It is for sure that the methods have largely changed. The designing techniques and tool have gone advanced. But the idea remains to be in the same way as it existed in the 1940s.

Apart from the fact that it largely attracted kids and adults to wear T-shirts that had on it the graphics design of something that they loved, a quote or the image of a superhero, this concept was largely used as an advertising tool as well. Knowing or unknowingly people were endorsing brands, movies and other similar things through the T-shirts that they wore.

What is Custom Ink?

When we are talking about advanced graphics T-Shirt design, we simply can’t skip talking about this app called the Custom Ink. Custom Ink is an app that was designed to help the users create their own designs on the T-Shirt that they wanted. So this app had different varieties of T-Shirts, and they are all listed on the app page. The user can choose the type of shirt that he or she prefers to wear. Once that is done the person will have to customise then a design that they wish to be printed on the T-Shirt. Once the T-Shirt selection is made, and the design is selected, then after the said time, the T-Shirt is sent to the customer. This is the function of the app. This is one tool that makes graphics designing on T-Shirts look advanced.